Friday November 27 2015
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The Stony Landing House was built on land overlooking the Cooper River which was once part of the 12,000 acre Fairlawn Barony. Fairlawn was granted to Sir Peter Colleton, son of Lords Proprietor John Colleton, on September 7, 1678. The Colleton Family members were loyalists and following the Revolutionary War the Barony was divided with some portions sold to patriots.
The historic Hanover House was built for French Huguenot Paul de St. Julien in Berkeley County, South Carolina during the period of 1714-1716. St. Julien’s grandfather, a Huguenot immigrant from Vitre, France was granted 3,000 acres in 1688 by the Lord Proprietors. Hanover House was built on one of the three 1000 acre tracts.
The Old Burying Ground in Beaufort, NC is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the state's oldest cemeteries. The Old Burying Ground has been given this distinction after the archaeological discovery of the remains of settlers who had been massacred by the Coree and Neusiok Indians in September, 1711.
Wampee Plantation House sits along the shores of Lake Moultrie in Pinopolis, South Carolina. The Wampee Indians once walked the grounds, and it is from this American Indian tribe that the house gets its name.